Thesaurus Payroll Manager

Thesaurus Payroll manager is designed to automate many of the processes involved in the financial administration of your company’s employees. Like all Thesaurus products it is very simple to use and produces powerful, effective results. In time you’ll wonder how you managed without it.

Product Features
Unlimited employee numbers
Free telephone support
Enables instant set-up of employee’s from prior year ROS P35 or from ROS P2C file for new users
Supports weekly, fortnightly and monthly payroll
Central Statistics Office EHECS returns can be prepared and submitted online
Annual Pay input available to Bureau Users
Enables instant setup of employee details with an import facility from your tax credit file & ROS P35 file
Password protected
Automated handling of disability benefit
Caters for tax exemption limits and PAYE exclusion orders
Compatible with Revenue Online Services (ROS)
New Employee’s - Form P46 and Part of Form P45 can be prepared and submitted through ROS
Foreign language help sheets
User friendly automated PRSI class selection
Supports net to gross calculations
Supports input of payroll by department/cost centre
Supports printing of payslips by department/cost centre
Produces coin analyses
Creates bank payment file (i.e. Paypath)
Full range of reports included
Alphabetical sorting of reports
Various reports can be exported to HTML format or to spreadsheets
Automated Benefit in Kind calculations
PAYE exclusion orders catered for
Includes taxable addition, non taxable addition, allowable deduction and non allowable deduction headings
PRSAs - Facilitates flat rate or percentage pension deductions and employers pension contributions
On screen help and user friendly screens eliminate the need for a manual
Enables recording of monthly/quarterly payments to Revenue
ROS enabled for P35 and P45 submissions
Payslips can be viewed on screen prior to processing and printing
Payslips can be output to HTML or PDF format for ease of email
Full backup and restore functions included
Calculates Holiday entitlements
Staff Holiday/Leave Planner
Includes section on employment legislation
Payslip stationery available
Staff Holiday/Leave Planner
Includes section on employment legislation
Payslip stationery available
Telephone: David Culliton - 086 2645336 or email: