Quick Pay

Over 5,000 satisfied customers use Sage Quickpay to automate their payroll processing. Simple enough to be mastered in minutes yet smart enough to take care of all your payroll needs, automatically.

Whether or not you have any previous experience or knowledge of payroll software, Sage Quickpay is an efficient and effective automated solution that saves you significant time and manual effort, ensures accuracy, and ultimately increases your profits.

Key Features and Benefits

Save time calculating your payroll
Sage payrolls comply with all the Revenue Commissioners' requirements (PAYE, Emergency Tax, Disability payments). PRSI switching is also catered for so employees always contribute the correct amount, even if their pay changes regularly.

Nett-to-Gross calculations made easy
Quickly calculate employees' Nett Pay by using the Nett-to- Gross option. Sage Quickpay will automatically adjust and take into consideration the employee's PRSI class, Tax Credit and Standard Rate Cut-off amounts.

Make paying your employees easier
By using the Paypath facility in the payrolls, you can create the Paypath bank payment file at the touch of a button and simply send the details to the bank. Payments by cheque and cash are also facilitated.

Comprehensive employee records
Gives you quick access to all current personnel details that also include all tax details, rates of pay and year-to-date figures. Payslip printing Prints payslips (including the employer’s copy) and cheques onto pre-printed stationery.

Easy Tax Year End processing
When you take out SageCover for Quickpay, you are sent a detailed checklist at the Tax Year End to guide you step-by-step through this complex area. It covers everything from producing all the necessary year-end reports to preparing for the new tax year. Changes in payroll legislation are also described to keep you up to date. All customers who have support will automatically receive the new tax year update.

Statutory forms
Produces all the statutory reports required – P60, P35 print and file plus a P45 replica form with all the necessary details.

Keep track of the costs of paying your employees
All businesses need to know the costs they are incurring - and the payroll is no different. Sage Quickpay can produce a simple Costing Report that lists all the costs to the employer; Gross Pay, PRSI payments and employer contributions such as pensions. The employees can also be grouped together under different Cost Codes for totals per Cost Code.

Link Quickpay Plus to your accounting package
Transfer Nominal figures directly from Quickpay Plus to your accounting package to save time and reduce the risk of keying errors.

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